A little chat

Good morning!

Grab your coffee and pull up a chair.

Moving south back in December seems to be looking like a very good decision. The northeast has been brutal, and it appears it will continue today. Yesterday Kathy and I ran our 48-minute run in 65 degrees, and it was hot! No doubt come July it will be challenging here weather wise, but I am enjoying the winter immensely.

Speaking of running. Our virtual training for the Wallace Sands half marathon is going great. We have runners from all over the country training and everyone is doing well. This weekend we will all be running or run/walking 57-minutes. So far. we have focused on easy runs, just building up our endurance. I am enjoying this training a great deal and am excited to return to 13.1. starting line. It has been a bunch of years and after getting hip replacement, I was uncertain if I would ever run a half marathon, but I plan on giving this training my best effort.

Earlier this week I designed a new workout for myself and one of my favorite tools, is the SecondsPro App. This App allows me to load my own plan and set up specific time increments for each exercise, press start and follow the instructions. For example, SecondsPro will say, “Begin single arm kettlebell swings”, and then at the preset set time it will say, “Switch arms”, and then count down the final 3-seconds, and then direct my next exercise or recovery period. I have used SecondsPro for a few years now and it is a great tool for working with clients. Instead of having clients do a certain number of reps, they only need to listen to SecondsPro instruct their workout. Another great aspect of SecondsPro for me as a trainer, is, I can design a plan, load it into my SecondsPro, email it to a client and if they have SecondsPro it can download to their smart device. Definitely a great App for working out or even running intervals.

Many of you are familiar with coach Lew (Ricker), who was one of our running coaches back when we started No Finish Line Running. Lew is still a great friend and part of our NFLF family. Well, Lew is battling some non-life threating health issues and dealing with a lot of pain and discomfort. Please keep Lew in your prayers. He is a regular at Coffee & Chat, so if you check in Lew, know that we love you and are praying for a speedy recovery.

If you want to jump into our half marathon training group, it is free, and we would welcome you. Just reach out to us at Definitely a good plan for someone who is wanting a non-competitive training.

Well, that is all the chat I have this week. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Friday and weekend. We are here for you, if you need any help with your fitness or running.

God Bless my friends.