Hey Everyone, Been a bit (maybe a lot of bit). Transitioning to the next stage of life has affected my motivation. Speaking of life, circumstances have brought me back to New Hampshire for what looks like a few months, maybe longer. The circumstances are less than ideal (health related), but I thought it would be fun to put together a weekly running group. My thoughts are that we could meet on Thursday evenings (6:00) at Henry Law (or the bandstand) and go out for a fun 45 to 60 minute run or run/walk. No requirement, not fee, just show up and enjoy a group run, and maybe go over to the Thirsty Moose after for some type of refreshment. My running has been a challenge for sure and I have no doubt that a group run would be a great encouragement for me. I know a few others that may be interested, so let us know if you are interested. You can email me directly at if you are interested or have any questions. Mike
Good morning! Grab your coffee and let’s chat about this and that. Earlier in the week I was blessed to chat with one of my dearest and most valued friends, Jim. Jim and I worked together for 25 years and spent time deployed overseas together as well. He is one of the best people I know, and I really miss not having him just a short walk away. Whenever we do chat, he always mentions that he reads my blog and that is so cool to me! I love you Jim! Our group online half marathon is at the midway point and most of the participants are doing great and enjoying it. I say most, because personally, I am struggling. My hip has some challenges and I expected that, but honestly, just running has been difficult for me. Not one particular aspect, but all of it, my endurance, legs and my mental fortitude.
Good morning. It is a beautiful Saturday here in Pawleys Island and will be a perfect day for a long run. Apparently, my friends in New Hampshire will, likewise, have a beautiful day for a run as well. Today our half marathon pushes us over the hour mark and that is exciting. Ultimately our trainings longest run will be two hours, which we will do multiple times, so eclipsing 64 minutes today will push us over the halfway mark. Pretty cool! Everyone is doing great, and I am really excited for the different stories of each runner. One has never run a half, while a few of us are battling back to a distance we once routinely ran. Being honest, I have doubts about myself, but I am all in and am ready to register! Exercise matters In all the craziness of our world, there are few certainties. One certainty beyond any doubt, is that exercise is a must! Study after study confirms that if we want to live long, functional and happier lives, exercise is key ingredient.
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